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Breed Standards
Cane Corso Florida Breed Standards Head


Molossus, large; its total length reaches approximately one third of the height at the withers.

Cane Corso Florida Breed Standards Gait


The movement is free flowing and powerful, yet effortless, with strong reach and drive. As the dog accelerates, the feet converge toward a center line of gravity in a near-single track. When viewed from the side, the topline remains level, with minimal roll or bounce.

Cane Corso Breed Standards Body


The standard for the Cane Corso is a dog with massive bone. His body length is a little longer than tall. The chest is broad and deep, while the hindquarters are moderately angulated and very muscular. The Cane Corso's tail is docked to one-third of its natural length. "Most important is that the dog appears balanced and athletic," the standard states.

Cane Corso Breed Standards Coat


The breed has a short, dense coat which comes in a wide range of colors. The standard allows "black, black-red, chestnut, fawn, blue or any of these colors with brindling." White markings may appear on the chest, neck, chin and the tips of the toes. White on any other part of the body, including the face, is a disqualification. Eye color corresponds to coat color and may range from black to hazel.